Seiko Reveals Journal Standard 5 Sports Model (SBSA189)

Seiko will release the 5 Sports SBSA189 model on December 9, 2022, a special Journal Standard model that pays homage to 1982 SKX historical design. The SBSA189 features the famous bar index dial of the 1980s model. The black dial is based on the original SKX, like the recently announced Seiko x On Time move SBSA193 […]

Seiko Reveals a 5 Sports Model Specially Ordered by SHIPS

Seiko reveals a special-edition model ordered by SHIPS. The SHIPS internal reference is 110-33-0518 but the Seiko reference is not known at this time. Since the 1990s, 5 Sports’ SKX diver, also known as “BOY”, has been popular with people all over the world for many years. The origin of the SKX design is the […]

Seiko Reveals On Time Move Seiko 5 Collaboration (SBSA193)

On December 9, 2022, Seiko 5 Sport will release the Seiko 5 Sports SBSA193, a model that pays homage to the archival design of the “SKX model,” which was launched in 1982 and loved around the world. The limited edition On Time Move model will be available in a limited quantity of 300 pieces, and […]

Seiko Reveals Collab With Thai Artist Rukkit Sathapruana (SRPJ92K)

Seiko Thailand just revealed a collaboration with Thai graphic street art artist and graphic designer Rukkit Sathapruana. The Seiko x RUKKIT “The Tiger” (reference SRPJ92K) has a gold case and bezel and features a unique tiger design on the dial. The tiger stripes are represented on the bezel, while the usual 4R36 automatic movement shows […]

Seiko x Rowing Blazers: New 2022 Limited Edition 5 Sports Models (SRPJ57, SRPJ59, SRPJ61, SRPJ63)

Like in 2021, Seiko teamed with American fashion brand Rowing Blazers to release four limited editions 5 Sports models. The Seiko 5 Sports SRPJ57 with an orange dial: The Seiko 5 Sports SRPJ59 with a green dial: The Seiko 5 Sports SRPJ61 with a blue dial: And the Seiko 5 Sports SRPJ63 with a black […]

Seiko Unveils Super Cub Limited Edition 5 Sports SRPJ49 And SRPJ75 Watches In Collaboration With Honda

Seiko announced two Seiko 5 Sports watches collaboration with Honda to celebrate the Super Cub. The original 5 Sports watch and the Honda Super Cub were both released in 1968. As such, they celebrate their 55th Anniversary in 2023. The Super Cup exceeded 100 million units of total production in 2017, which shows how popular […]

New Seiko 5 Sports with Camo Dials (SRPJ37 & SRPJ39 Yuto Horigome Limited Edition)

Seiko announced 2 new models in the Seiko 5 SKX Street Style range with radiating camo dials. The first one is the SRPJ37 (JDM reference SBSA173) with a green camo dial, coming on a NATO strap. The second one is the SRPJ39 (JDM reference SBSA175) with a gray camo dial, made in collaboration with Japanese […]

NEW: Find a Seiko 5 Sports by a Set of Features!

You can now find all the Seiko 5 Sports that match a set of features. Go to the feature search page and try it out! For example, you could search for watches that have all these features: were released in 2021 are limited editions have a silver case and a sunburst dial This search will […]

Seiko 5 Sports GMT: Everything We Know So Far

Seiko just announced 3 new GMT watches that will be part of the Seiko 5 Sports lineup: the SSK001, SSK003 and SSK005. A GMT complication in a Seiko 5 – that’s a first. To do so, Seiko used the case from the 5 Sports SKX series, and made them a bit thicker. Not that much […]