Seiko Reveals Journal Standard 5 Sports Model (SBSA189)

Seiko will release the 5 Sports SBSA189 model on December 9, 2022, a special Journal Standard model that pays homage to 1982 SKX historical design.

The Seiko 5 Sports x Journal Standard SBSA189 Special Edition

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The SBSA189 features the famous bar index dial of the 1980s model.

The black dial is based on the original SKX, like the recently announced Seiko x On Time move SBSA193 model)

SBSA189 face

It has a black rotating bezel, with red from 0 to 20 for better visibility, and black-plated brushed case.

SBSA189 crown

“Journal Standard” is written on the tinted see-through case back.

SBSA189 case back

The “Journal Standard” inscription is also present on the rectangle-shaped special box.

SBSA189 box

The leather NATO belt is adopted as an icon of Journal Standard’s exclusive models.

SBSA189 on strap

This is a special edition available only at Journal Standard, but doesn’t seem to be a limited edition (only a special edition). The retail price is 39,600 yens.

SBSA189 plonk
SBSA189 wrist
SBSA189 lightray