NEW: Find a Seiko 5 Sports by a Set of Features!

You can now find all the Seiko 5 Sports that match a set of features.

Go to the feature search page and try it out!

For example, you could search for watches that have all these features:

  • were released in 2021
  • are limited editions
  • have a silver case
  • and a sunburst dial
Find a Seiko 5 Sports by a set of features

This search will yield 5 results:

5 Seeker Feature Search

Please beware that the feature search engine takes into account all features you set (but you don’t need to set them all).

For example, if you search for a Seiko 5 Sports with a plastic case released in 2020, you won’t find any. (They were first released in 2021).

Give the Seiko 5 Sports feature search a try now!