Seiko Reveals a 5 Sports Model Specially Ordered by SHIPS

Seiko reveals a special-edition model ordered by SHIPS. The SHIPS internal reference is 110-33-0518 but the Seiko reference is not known at this time.

seiko x ships 2022 1200
The Seiko 5 Sports x SHIPS Special Edition

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Since the 1990s, 5 Sports’ SKX diver, also known as “BOY”, has been popular with people all over the world for many years. The origin of the SKX design is the 1982 model 7290, known as the “4th Diver”, which was a particularly popular design.

The dial design of the “4th Diver,” the origin of the SKX design, has been revived in this modern Seiko 5 Sport in a special-order model.

While select store special order projects were released at the same time, SHIPS made a special order with a dark navy dial, based on the theme of “Navy Boy,” as he was commonly known, who used navy as his base color.

seiko x ships 2022 front

The Navy Boy of the time had a Pepsi bezel color, but they have changed it to a more elegant navy and white coloring, sublimating it into the classy “SHIPS Navy Boy” that is unique to SHIPS.

The Seiko 5 Sports x SHIPS model will feature the regular silver stainless steel bracelet we can see on other non-limited models.

seiko x ships 2022 bracelet

The see-through case back has “SHIPS” write on it, along with a “SPECIAL EDITION” mention – it doesn’t seem to be a limited edition in terms of units.

seiko x ships 2022 back

That doesn’t mean that the model will be available as a regular item of Seiko’s or even SHIPS’ catalogs.

The Seiko x SHIPS comes in what appears to be a regular Seiko 5 Sports box, with the word SHIPS written at the bottom.

seiko x ships 2022 box

The watch will be available in-store and at the SHIPS online store for 35,200 yens. The preorder date is November 25, 2022.